LICF Sexpat Lee Adams Coleman lee

LICF Sexpat Lee Adams Coleman lee

LICF Sexpat Lee Adams Coleman lee – an ugly American.

LICF Sexpat Lee Adams Coleman lee - Paul Petrea and associates.
LICF Sexpat Lee Adams Coleman lee – Paul Petrea and associates.

   “America first”promoting at the same time his pro-semitic agenda. Non.
Or, you may think I  came to revive a blog of a fellow American who was forced to shut it down after receiving life threats daily.

I’m here today for the same reason since 2009, exposing some “special expats” coming to the Philippines that , unfortunately,  according to a former US Ambassador to the PH invade the country in huge numbers, with Americans and their English speaking cousins leading the statistiques.

Sexpat Lee Adams has now removed the video from public view in his FB timeline, he also edited his account and “upgraded” it from public view to “friends only”as instructed by his classmates in the forum. “Dirty things belong to the underground floors” 

America: A Nation of Sociopaths

In The Army on May 14, 2010 at 22:12

Benjamin Sarlin writes in The Daily Beast that two Republican Congressional candidates who are veterans of Iraq have turned their accusations of abuse and murder into positive campaign planks:
The New Jack Bauer Republicans
Two Iraq veterans who left the military after surviving charges of crimes against detainees are running for Congress. Benjamin Sarlin on the renegade soldiers.
Call them the Jack Bauer Republicans.
Two Iraq veterans who left the military after surviving charges of crimes against detainees are running credible campaigns for Congress. And far from minimizing the incidents, both candidates have put the accusations front and center in their campaigns, attracting rock-star adulation from conservatives nationwide in the process.
But critics, including human-rights activists, veterans, and now even defeated primary opponents, warn that their records should disqualify them from office.
Last week, Ilario Pantano won the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s 7th District, setting up a challenge to incumbent Democrat Rep.

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  1. Anyone still reading or even posting to the almost defunct LinC forum? What a huge joke it has become. Members leaving the exit door in droves. The new owner sure knows how to run a business into the ground. I guess we can run up his bandwidth if he likes.

  2. Only stalkers!!!! hahahah!! Yeah, right!! Who’s posting on this forum? Not many A few paid trolls nostalgic of Paul’s era, like those moderators who have to fuel the site on an hourly basis with irrelevant posts and comments for the heck of keeping the ranking artificially high.

    Friend, the LICF forums was never created for the purpose of helping expats but for extorting them. The LICF was the exact mirror of its creator, Paul Petrea. A place where the Cebu low life was flocking together. Once Paul “Left the building” and with the stalker Evan bombing on all directions the “loyal” lost interest.

    As for the new owner???? What you see is not what you get. BTW have you seen anything? Be patient. Nothing is clear with this forum. As long as the stalker is in you’ll know.
    Ah, before I forget. Did someone said “dirty kitchen?” It’s still here! It just changed name and moved to a new hidden place.

  3. If the owner did not bring back the "dirty kitchen" all would have been lost. It is funny how fast his policy changed with veiled threats of most members leaving the forum if the dirty kitchen was not restored. Hoping for your updates soon.

  4. “most members leaving the forum if the dirty kitchen was not restored” ?

    Most of what initial number? Maybe 50 scumbags that left with in the end prior to Paul Petrea selling the place?

    There is more into the story of the dirty Kitchen and hidden forums within the LinCF. You go there for: Therapeutic reasons, scams setup, pedophilia and porn business. All these will be explained as soon as possible.

    As for the owner, there hasn’t been any shift in policy. The hidden forums were the main reason he bought it. Me and a few others put him to various tests and baits, He failed all of them.

    All his claims are pure bs. a scum that not long ago was with Paul in Cambodia. To do what? certainly not for the signature of the transferring the LICF to him under the cameras of CNN.

  5. What makes you believe that the LinCF is here to care about relevance on life in Cebu? Especially when it comes to school matters? Talk about cheap P****sy and there will be all around. No moderation, no negative remarks. No one knows better the real reason of existing than Paul's ex-wife
    See what she had to say back in 2006 when the LinCF was just emerged.


    « Reply #10 on: July 15, 2006, 08:33:45 pm »

    Hi All:

    I just registered today when i saw this very topic here. By the way, I am Pauls wife and I myself hated his guts. He was deported last January 17 for not having any passport and any visa. And now that he is out of the country, he is sending me and my family death threats .I dont know if he cant come back here or not but thats what im going to find out. One of the reasons that he was deported its because he used to beat me when we were together.

    I know the guy that posted this message and I fully agree with him. Paul is a very big supporter of bars and nightlife. He is promoting the Philippines in that manner, another reason we are not together any longer. I dont know where he is now nor i really care, But i just need? help from you guys, if you know anyone at the immigration please let them know my concern.

    Thanks and Have a great day everyone!

    You can read more on the conversation here: ( You need to copy and paste the URL below on your browser's URL)

    As for salty-dog, didn't you bother him with this crap? What he cares about schools? He's more interested in the New England Medical Journal hoping the BIG will happen soon, a higher dosed impotence pills that is. Fe**k the schools!!!

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